Embracing New Technology

With technology advancements coming at a rate of every 60 days instead of every 6-12 months, corporate America needs to expect, embrace, learn, and prepare for this new technology growth.

We see it all the time, companies that come to us for guidance on making their employees more mobile effective but are not ready to embrace new technology.

Two factors play into companies failing to embrace technology:

  1. They are stuck using their existing technology because it “works for them.”
  2. They have a fear of choosing the wrong technology or their choice in new technology will be outdated quickly.  While this is a legitimate concern, it should not deter anyone from embracing tech advancements.  Along with new technology comes companies ready to aid in those decisions as well as new ways to research what is on the horizon.

Either one of these factors could result in your company not meeting revenue goals due to antiquated systems or failing to deploy new technology that will help update company processes.

Embracing new technology can be taken in baby steps and can greatly improve not only the way your company does business but also your outward image of your company.  Example:  Sending an email to a potential client from mycompany@gmail.com vs. sending an email from yourname@mycompany.com.  Which reflects better for your company?  A small step in technology for a minimal cost, I am sure Mark Zuckerberg is not sending emails from markfacebook@yahoo.com.

As the above example shows, embracing new technology does not always have to be costly and can lead to other great steps in the right direction.

Turning a corporate culture from fearing to embracing new technology is not an easy task, but can be done with some help.

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