Why should my company outsource telecom?

Most CTO’s, CIO’s and CFO’s are faced with this question, to outsource or not outsource their telecom needs.  We at Nexcom are firm believers that to excel in wireless you need to have a strong mobility partner.  Most companies split wireless duties between two select groups in the organization, Accounting for invoice management and IT for support and deployment.  Not only does having a mobility partner enable the organization to trust in professionals for their wireless needs, it frees up internal staff to focus on higher-level business problems.

How much time could internal staff possibly be spending on wireless? Based on AOTMP research, the following are the top categories a typical internal staff member/group indicates consumes the most time:

  • Wireless helpdesk activities:  33% is level 1 troubleshooting
  • Wireless invoice analysis:  39% is financial performance reporting
  • Wireless invoice optimization:  (two top categories)
    • 35% is eliminating unused/underutilized services
    • 30% is technology upgrades/replacements
  • Managing wireless policies:  44% is establishing business rules for wireless
  • Service ordering:  38% is placing orders with carriers/vendors
  • Mobile application management:  55% is updating applications
  • Mobile Device Management:  72% is device configuration

Those numbers are staggering!  As wireless and mobility start to become more and more prevalent, support of the mobility is consuming more and more time from internal staff.

For questions on finding a mobility partner please contact Nexcom.

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