About NexcomBlog

Nexcom’s blog is an initiative to share facts, dispel myths, and imagine the positive effects to business, environment and community when mobile technology is embraced.

My name is Chris Allison and I am President  & CEO of three technology companies.  All share a commitment to implement mobile solutions in businesses of all sizes.

Since 1994, I’ve been leading companies in technology, but it was not until an advisor and friend introduced me to Techmeme, www.techmeme.com, that I became aware of the power of blogging.  Techmeme’s portal along with our commitment to attending shows like the WWDC2011 and CES 2012 keeps us on the cutting edge of mobile development.

Over the last two years, my team has become a knowledge base to our many clients. As a result, they now allow our team to imagine new ways to eliminate the legacy software programs and endless paper trails.  We call it “Achieving Mobility” and we are borderline obsessed with the pursuit of Achieving Mobility across the globe.

Connect with me on twitter @managedwireless