Nexcom Featured in the Charlotte Business Journal

Nexcommunications Inc., a Charlotte-based technology firm, has picked Windstream Hosted Solutions as its new cloud provider.

Nexcom is a consulting group that targets its services to small and midsized firms, focusing on efficiency in mobile devices and services.

Windstream’s services will help Nexcom’s clients securely access mobile data.

“Running an infrastructure in the cloud requires a higher level of both technological and business process understanding,” Nexcom President and Chief Executive Chris Allison says. “Windstream Hosted Solutions gets it. The company helped us design a migration to the cloud, which makes it easier for us to work with our clients in designing cloud-based solutions as well.”

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Why should my company outsource telecom?

Most CTO’s, CIO’s and CFO’s are faced with this question, to outsource or not outsource their telecom needs.  We at Nexcom are firm believers that to excel in wireless you need to have a strong mobility partner.  Most companies split wireless duties between two select groups in the organization, Accounting for invoice management and IT for support and deployment.  Not only does having a mobility partner enable the organization to trust in professionals for their wireless needs, it frees up internal staff to focus on higher-level business problems.

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Nexcom’s Feature Profile and Article in the Greater Charlotte Biz

Nexcom was honored to be a feature business profile and cover story in the April issue of the Greater Charlotte Biz magazine.  The article based around Chris Allison’s founding of Nexcom and how he shaped our company into what it is today.  The full magazine can be viewed here with full article text here.

Embracing New Technology

With technology advancements coming at a rate of every 60 days instead of every 6-12 months, corporate America needs to expect, embrace, learn, and prepare for this new technology growth.

We see it all the time, companies that come to us for guidance on making their employees more mobile effective but are not ready to embrace new technology.

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iBooks for Business

As part of Nexcom’s goal to enable mobility at a corporate level, Nexcom creates iBooks for our clients.  iBooks reside on the iPad and can contain anything from Marketing materials, Sales Presentations or entire product catalogs.  With Nexcom’s help, out clients tell their story in vivid detail using images not words.  Please enjoy the video below and let Nexcom know if we can assist you in creating an iBook for your company.